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1. The Vestpocket-Pistol-Collector German pocket pistol collector forum.

2. Black Powder Cartridge Military Rifles, Keith Doyon's Web Page. Devoted to European breech loading rifles.

3. Therion Arms Great arms and armor resources web site.

4. Randy Rick's Web Home Page. For all of us who like Mannlicher rifles.

5. Miller LionGate Arms and Armor Buyers and Sellers of Fine Antique Edged Weapons.
(also see Antique Swords)

6. Ricky's Gun Room Collector Firearms, Militaria & More.

7. Tactical Intervention Specialist Precision Rifle Accessories

8. Oriental-Arms Dealer of Asian and African weapons

9. The Sword Collector Home Page The Mike McWatters web site is entirely devoted to swords collecting.

10. Old Swords The Mark Cloke web site focused on swords collecting.

11. Ron & Shirley Watson Fine Antiques & Collectibles.

12. 19th Century Weapons Julia and Neil website of fine quality 19th Century weapons.

13. Russian military history web site.

14. NC Ordnance Grips, buttplates and accessories for handguns and rifles.

15. J&J Military Antiques Great web site entirely devoted to collecting edged weapons and firearms.

16. Replica Guns Swords Great selection of replica firearms and edged weapons.

17. Harald Kvicala's web site devoted to edged weapons (mostly French).

18. The Lightning Magazine Rifle Makers of the reproduction of famous Lightning rifle.

19. Blank Guns Depot Great web site offering blank firing guns.

20. The market place for buyers & sellers of antique weapons, located in Holland.

21. Espadas Artesanales Hand made edged weapons manufactured in Toledo, Spain.

22. Ashoka Arts Ethnographic, eastern and ancient weapons and related artifacts for sale.


1. National Rifle Association

2. National Rifle Association - Institute for Legislative Action

3. Man At Arms The magazine about collecting guns and swords.

4. R.L. Wilson Books History of Firearms, Antique Guns and Engraving.

5. German connection to the gun world.

6. Silverado Promotions Frank Krasner's gun shows in Maryland.


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