Bayonets and Fighting Knives Reference Literature

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The following is a list of reference books on bayonets and knives from my personal library. Although these books are not for sale, some titles may be available in "Books" section of our web site. The list was compiled as a help to collectors of bayonets and fighting knives.

Davidson I., Bayonet Markings, A Guide for Collector.

Ernst D., Guide to Foreign & United States Bayonets & Miscellaneous Edged Weapons, LeClaire, Iowa.

Janzen J., Bayonets from Janzen's Notebook, Broken Arrow, OK 1991.

Krolikiewicz T., Bagnety, Warsaw 1997.

Lubbe K., German Uniforms and Bayonets 1841-1945, Hamburg 1999.

Moravek K., Moudry P., Czechoslovak Edged Weapons (1918-1994), Prugue 1995.

Moudry P., Bayonets of Czechoslovakia, Prague 1992.

Peterson H. (1), American Knives, New York 1958.

Peterson H. (2), Daggers and Fighting Knives of the Western World, New York 1970.

Proszynski M.(1), Bagnet Francuski wz.1886 do Karabinu Lebel, Warsaw 1991.

Proszynski M. (2), Bagnet Niemiecki wz.1871/84, Warsaw 1990.

Proszynski M. (3), Bagnet Szpuntowy, Warsaw 1989.

Sach J., Moudry P., Edged Weapons of the Habsburg Monarchy, Prague 1999.

Schneider H., Meier J., Griffwaffen, Zurich, 1971.

Szczeglow K., Bagnet Polski WZ.1929, Warsaw 1988.

Ustinov A., Portnov M., Natsvaladze Y., Kholodnoie Oruzhie, Moscow 1994.

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